The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

Enthralling and haunting, Kate Morton’s latest novel tells a gothic story of betrayal, dark secrets, madness and love. Meredith and her daughter Edie have never been close, but when a letter arrives fifty years after it’s been posted and Meredith refuses to reveal its contents, Edie is determined to find out if her mother’s emotional distance could be related to her secret past. Thus, Edie sets off to unravel Meredith’s past, but she is about to learn more than she expected. Evacuated from London during the Blitz, Edie’s mother was chosen by Juniper Blythe and taken to live at Milderhurst Castle with her literary family. The Blythes were eccentric people, whose lives revolved around the decaying castle and the dreadful tales that enveloped it and the more Edie investigates, the more skeletons come out of the closet. And what eventually comes to the surface is a tragic and disturbing truth that altered lives and destroyed hopes.

The Distant Hours will satisfy readers as they will stray into a labyrinth of deceit, family intrigue and mystery. Kate Morton has managed to capture a gloomy atmosphere throughout the novel by using various gothic elements, creating a dark and compelling tale full of suspense, romance and fascinating characters that will linger with you for a long time.

Needless to say, I very much enjoyed Kate Morton’s third novel and I hope that her next books will be just as wonderful, as I am savoring her writing style, her memorable characters and her captivating plots to the fullest.

The Distant Hours was very entertaining and informative and I found its themes very interesting. I liked to learn about the Blitz and its consequences for the protagonists and I loved to read about the Blythes and their fascination with writing and storytelling. But what I liked most was to learn about Milderhurst Castle, as I found its vivid descriptions fascinating and absorbing; the eerie tales revolving around the Blythe family were also very engaging.

Also, as I was reading this novel, I was reminded of another book that I’ve read in the past, namely, I Capture the Castle. There are certain similarities between these two books – of course there’s the setting and then both novels centre on a literary family. But The Distant Hours has more to offer; there are more stories to tell (modern and old) and I must admit that I liked it more than Dodie Smith’s novel. Kate Morton’s story has more twists and turns and it allows the reader a glimpse into a forgotten world where nothing is as it seems and after you’ve unveiled Milderhurst’s hidden secrets, you will sympathize with the characters and will be able to understand them better.

All in all, The Distant Hours was the perfect read for me and I would give it five stars out of five, as I loved everything about it. I can’t say anything negative about this novel except that I was sad that I finished it so soon. I think I can safely add Kate Morton to the list of my favorite authors!

What about you? Have you read any of Kate Morton’s novels? If so, did you like them as much as I did?

Note: I would like to thank Panmacmillan for sending me this great novel!



My notebook addiction

I don’t know about you, but I like to take notes and make lists. I am a freak when it comes to notebooks and Post-It notes. They’re everywhere (like Emma’s toys) and they slowly begin to overcrowd our tiny (but very expensive) New York City apartment. But I just like to make to-do lists, shopping lists or any other lists. I use my notebooks to write down book related things, like books for my wish list and reviews. I also write poems (but I don’t show them to anyone), and thus, I need notebooks. I have to admit that I have six notebooks, full of writing ideas, book titles and other bookish things. And I don’t think that six notebooks are enough for me. I always feel the need to purchase more. It has become my little addiction lately, and so, one day I was browsing through Etsy and looked at more notebooks. (If you have never heard of Etsy, I suggest that you have a look at this great site; there, you can find handmade stuff, from clothing to jewellery and other accessories). And so it came that I discovered Glenda’s Etsy Shop that day. And I am so glad that I did, because she makes such artful and wonderful little notebooks! I wrote to her and told her that her notebooks were beautiful and she immediately said that she would send me one of her notebooks as a gift. Isn’t she kind? Yesterday, I received Glenda’s package and found not one, but two notebooks that will satisfy my addiction (at least for a while). I can’t wait to take down notes and use my new and beautifully hand-crafted notebooks!

Please make sure to check out Glenda’s Etsy Shop Paper Atelier where you can have a look at her awesome notebooks and note cards! Glenda is also a booklover and that’s why she completely understands my need for buying books and notebooks!

I would like to thank Glenda for everything!

Here are my newest acquisitions:

I hope you all have a great day! Happy reading (and happy writing to me)!