A Circle Of Souls

I received A Circle Of Souls from the author, Preetham Grandhi and I really enjoyed reading this stunning psychological thriller!

When ten-year-old Janet is found brutally murdered in the sleepy town of Newbury, FBI agent Leia Bines is called in to lead the investigation.

Meanwhile, seven-year-old Naya is brought to the hospital because of her unusual sleeping behaviour. However, as psychiatrist Peter Gram tries to determine the cause of Naya’s agitating nightmares, he makes a shocking discovery: Naya begins to draw precise pictures of Janet’s murder after seeing these disturbing images in her dreams.

Since Naya’s drawings are the only clues that could help to solve the crime, FBI agent Leia Bines has no other choice but to take Dr. Gram’s help. Together they try to find out the truth about Janet’s murder and to locate her murderer. However, what they don’t know is the fact that Naya is in great danger.

Will they be able to save Naya and solve this disturbing murder case? If you want to find out, you’ll have to read this engaging book! I recommend this novel to everyone out there who loves psychological thrillers and stories full of suspense and mysteries!