The Enchanted April

I have just finished reading The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim and I must say that this book is truly enchanting! It’s a romantic, magical and special book that you just have to read, otherwise you will miss out on something beautiful! Elizabeth von Arnim does a great job portraying the main characters and revealing their inner thoughts to the reader. You will be very curious to find out what happens to each of them and you will be very fond of them. Furthermore, you will immediately fall in love with San Salvatore and will imagine yourself there, observing the protagonists as they undergo emotional changes and begin to live again. San Salvatore works its magic on everyone, due to its beauty, charm and peacefulness. The author describes the place in such a wonderful way, that you can fully comprehend why the main characters are changed forever. This book is beautifully written and it has become one of my favorite books. I will probably reread it over and over again as this is a wonderful book about love, life and relationships.