I Capture the Castle

I have just finished reading I Capture the Castle and even though it’s a good book, it was not as charming as I expected it to be. Since I have read so many positive reviews about this novel, I expected it to be as wonderful as The Enchanted April. I suppose my expectations were too high, thus, I was disappointed with this book. As I said before, I Capture the Castle is not a bad book; it has a nice story line and interesting characters. In addition, the author does a great job describing the protagonists and the setting by letting Cassandra record her personal thoughts and observations in her journal. That way, we can witness how she falls in love for the first time and how she deals with it. Furthermore, readers get to know her eccentric family and learn engaging things about the village life and the old English castle.

Many people have compared I Capture the Castle to the novels of Jane Austen, but honestly, I can’t really see why. In my opinion, Cassandra lacks the charm, wit and passion of a Jane Austen heroine. Sure enough, Cassandra is bright and charismatic, but sometimes also very childish and naïve. She tells the story with an honest teen perspective; the reader gets to know every side of her (clever, sad, vulnerable, naïve etc.), and that’s what makes her a realistic and believable character. However, I didn’t like her as much as I liked Jane Austen’s heroines since I find that Cassandra is a shallow character.

Overall, I Capture the Castle is an enjoyable book and even though it’s not one of the best books I’ve ever read, it still attracted me because of its wonderful and romantic setting: the crumbling English castle!