My notebook addiction

I don’t know about you, but I like to take notes and make lists. I am a freak when it comes to notebooks and Post-It notes. They’re everywhere (like Emma’s toys) and they slowly begin to overcrowd our tiny (but very expensive) New York City apartment. But I just like to make to-do lists, shopping lists or any other lists. I use my notebooks to write down book related things, like books for my wish list and reviews. I also write poems (but I don’t show them to anyone), and thus, I need notebooks. I have to admit that I have six notebooks, full of writing ideas, book titles and other bookish things. And I don’t think that six notebooks are enough for me. I always feel the need to purchase more. It has become my little addiction lately, and so, one day I was browsing through Etsy and looked at more notebooks. (If you have never heard of Etsy, I suggest that you have a look at this great site; there, you can find handmade stuff, from clothing to jewellery and other accessories). And so it came that I discovered Glenda’s Etsy Shop that day. And I am so glad that I did, because she makes such artful and wonderful little notebooks! I wrote to her and told her that her notebooks were beautiful and she immediately said that she would send me one of her notebooks as a gift. Isn’t she kind? Yesterday, I received Glenda’s package and found not one, but two notebooks that will satisfy my addiction (at least for a while). I can’t wait to take down notes and use my new and beautifully hand-crafted notebooks!

Please make sure to check out Glenda’s Etsy Shop Paper Atelier where you can have a look at her awesome notebooks and note cards! Glenda is also a booklover and that’s why she completely understands my need for buying books and notebooks!

I would like to thank Glenda for everything!

Here are my newest acquisitions:

I hope you all have a great day! Happy reading (and happy writing to me)!