I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle

I am currently reading  I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. I have never heard of this author before, but when I did a little research, I found out that she wrote The Hundred and One Dalmatians (1956). Her novel was adapted into the Disney animated movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

I Capture the Castle is Dodie Smith’s first novel and was published in 1949. The book tells the story of an eccentric family, struggling to survive in a crumbling English castle in the 1930s. Cassandra Mortmain, a bright 17-year-old girl, expresses her feelings and relates the adventures of her family in her personal journal. That way, the author can reveal the character’s inner thoughts to us and we can witness Cassandra’s emotional transformation.

I Capture the Castle is a good book, but I honestly expected it to be better. I expected this book to be magical, absorbing and unforgettable. Unfortunately, I dislike the main character and the plot. Anyway, I have not finished reading the book yet, so I will soon write more about it.

I actually purchased the book because of its beautiful cover (Publisher: Vintage Classics) and I thought the book would be as beautiful as its cover. Unfortunately, this is not the case and I am disappointed. I know one should not judge a book by its cover, but I must confess that I do this quite often. Whenever I am in a bookstore, I always pick up a book that has an interesting and beautiful cover. That’s the reason why I bought  Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen.

Garden Spells


Its wonderful cover attracted me and I just had to have it! Again, the book was not as good as I expected and I was disappointed. However, I can’t help it and I am sure that this won’t be the last time when I shall buy a book because of its cover. Since I am so passionate about books, I like to collect them and therefore, I want them to have beautiful covers. Surely, other booklovers out there will understand me!





4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nymeth
    Jul 27, 2009 @ 09:34:45

    I Capture the Castle is one of my all-time favourites. Perhaps it helps that I had pretty much no expectations when I picked it up? Sorry it’s not quite working for you!


  2. Jemima
    Jul 28, 2009 @ 15:27:06

    I remember watching the movie version of I Capture The Castle, a few years ago. It was quite an unusual story if I remember correctly. I have never read the book though. By the way, your blog looks lovely! Very pretty.


  3. Andreea
    Jul 28, 2009 @ 16:04:49

    Nymeth: I suppose my expectations were too high regarding this book. I just hope the next book I plan to read will be better:)

    Jemima: Thank you so much:) Your blog is also very lovely. I’ll add you to my blogroll. Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Nell
    Jul 07, 2012 @ 14:07:57

    I also often judge books by their cover! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy I Capture the Castle as I did: I find it to be all of the things you did not! Beautiful, absorbing, unforgettable as well as magical and fabulously witty. The main character to me seems strong and passionate, yet also loving and kind. It’s so strange how one person can love a book, and another not much. It takes all sorts to make up a world, yes!


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